Angry Manifesto 
Poetry from the heart of dissent

Angry Manifesto was created by Matt Duggan and Simon Leake. Each issue of AM is themed but we do accept unthemed poems as long as they are on a political theme, we wanted to keep with the ethos of the magazine.

We created AM after the U.K. elections where a CONDEM government was formed, from 2017 the magazine will appear three times a year with a launch at The Cross Hands Pub, Fishponds, Bristol. AM is also the only Bristol based Poetry magazine with regular launches.     

The Latest issue of AM - The EU issue is now available for pre-orders and includes poems from Jason Jackson, David Atkinson, Angela Brooks, Andi Langford-Woods, William Clunie, Tim Burroughs, Matt Duggan, Phil Knight, Simon Leake, Andy Brown, Clive Oseman, Adam Brown, Grant Tarbard, John Glyn, Richard Devereux, Pete Sutton,  


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